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world class trading stars Madam Lim forex system


Worldclasstradingstars Madam Lim forex system


By Madam Lim

How did you come up with the system you have traded during the competition?

After learning how to trade with my sons, I got very interested in trading so I decided to go a little further. With their help, I came up with this system as it is very effective but easy to follow. The system is a modified hedging system.

Is the trading system you are using unique?

Perhaps, there might be some similarities with other hedging systems in the market. But the ratio of lot sizes is quite unique.

Does your system use any custom indicators?

No, I don’t use any custom indicators at all.

Which currency pairs do you trade with this system?

I only trade with the EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCHF. They must be entered at same time and in the same direction.

Does your system use multiple timeframes? If yes, please post the timeframes that your system uses.

I just trade on the 4 Hour timeframe. It does not need a trader to stay in front of the monitor to always keep an eye on the price.

During what hours are you actively trading this system? Please include your time zone.

The system is suitable for any time zone so it can be traded at any time of day.


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