Winning Edge Trading Successful and Profitable Short- and Long-Term Trading Systems

Ned Gandevani- Winning Edge Trading

Winning Edge Trading Successful and Profitable Short- and Long-Term Trading Systems and Strategies ebook.pdf


Content :

PART II Trading Instruments and Markets

CHAPTER 4 Understanding the Financial Markets:
Common Stocks
What Are Financial Assets? Types of Trading Markets Characteristics of the Common Stocks Market
CHAPTER 5 The Exchange-Traded Funds Market

Characteristics of ETFs Advantages and Disadvantages Sectors and Types Sponsors ETFs: Attractive Trading Instruments
CHAPTER 6 The Futures Market: Financial and
Physical Commodities
Characteristics of the Futures Markets Leverage Opportunities
PART III Trading Tools

CHAPTER 7 Fundamental Analysis

What Is Fundamental Analysis?
Financial Statements Equity Valuation Methods Fundamental Analysis Can’t Deliver Timely
CHAPTER 8 Technical Analysis

Tools Used for Technical Analysis Technical Indicators

Market Retracement Levels Fibonacci Retracements
CHAPTER 9 The Winning Edge Trading System
Market Model
The Market as a System Contraction/Expansion Principle Fear Is Stronger Than Greed and Hope Habitual Patterns Market Trends More Observations About Market Behavior Trend-Line Orders Winning Edge Market Model
CHAPTER 10 The Mechanics of the Winning Edge
Trading System
Entry Signals Exit Signals The System’s Protective Stops
CHAPTER 11 The Winning Edge System for Day Trading
Day Trading E-Mini S&P Futures Contracts Day Trading QQQQ
CHAPTER 12 The Winning Edge System for
Intermediate-Term or Swing Trading
Swing Trading S&P Futures Long Signals for S&P Futures Contracts Short Signals for S&P Futures Contracts

CHAPTER 13 The Winning Edge System for
Long-Term or Position Trading
Position-Trading Russell 1000 Index Futures Long Signals for Russell 1000 Futures Contracts

Short Signals for NASDAQ Futures Contracts Short Signals for NASDAQ Futures Contracts with No RSI
PART IV Investment Psychology

CHAPTER 14 Trading Psychology and Your Trading
Personality Profile
Two Pillars of Successful Trading What Is Personality? Why Is Personality Important to Trading Success? Personality Theories Personality Type Theory Personality Traits Theory Nature or Nurture? Genotype and Phenotype Five-Factor or Big Five Model
CHAPTER 15 The Trading Personality Profile
Five-Factor Model of Personality What the TPP Test Reveals About You Trading Personality Profile Sample Test TPP or OCEAN Score Guide Reviewing Your TPP Score
CHAPTER 16 The Successful Trader’s Blueprint
Constructing Your Trading Success Blueprint Set SMART Trading Goals The Triple-A Formula for Success See You at the Top!
APPENDIX A Toxic Assets and Modified
Mark-to-Market Valuation Method


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