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Why do we accept donations !

hello forex winners ,,
Ahmed Elagouz is talking to you to explain why do we ask for donation !


forexwinners,Net started in September 2012 as a small forex blog which shares trading systems and indicators.
But after a while , we realized that our blog needs many changes and updates to be more fast and easy to use.

Let me tell you about these updates ,,,

Hosting : We rent a high speed VPS because we have many files on the website and that require high data transfer. Because of this we had to increase our bandwidth usage.

Security: We have a professional support team to protect our servers from hacker attacks.

We face daily attacks from hackers as you may have noticed with the site going down frequently.
Last April , the website wasn’t working well because of these attacks , but we worked hard to stop this, and successfully decreased the frequency of these attacks.

Antivirus : All files on this website have been scanned for spyware and viruses. We scan every file before posting it.

Your privacy : We canceled the registration page, and now you can see and download any file. We don’t force you to enter your E-mail in order to see the download links.

The forum : We have installed a vBulletin forum and rent a professional support team to help manage the forum. The forum is important to give our members a chance to make their requests and share their systems with us.

Ads : We refuse to display any annoying advertising banners because we want browsing the website to be very easy and flexible. We also believe advertising banners are annoying to our members and visitors.

Copyrights : We share many copyrighted products and be sure that we encounter many problems because of this. 

Forex scammers are protected by DMCA which works hard to take our website down. The DMCA doesn’t believe that we are protecting forex newbies from scammers.
Some scammers mix indicators to make a trading system to offer it for sale. And I am sure that you see many of them here. Scammers are asking for copyrights! LOL
Anyway, no need to talk about this topic now, all I want to say is that we are facing many problems but we are doing our best to keep all files available for everyone, for free.

The costs at the first 3 months weren’t more than 50 $ per month. but now and after all these updates , the website costs more money so that we start asking for donating.

We aren’t looking for any earnings from these donates and make sure that we will spend every penny on the website and will update it always to make it more strong.

Remember that every thing here is free and will always be free.
feel free to contact us about any new idea or suggest , I trust and respect your view.


Ahmed Elagouz
Forex trader and investor.

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