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what will you do if the price goes against the Ichimoku signal ?



what will you do if the price goes against the Ichimoku signal ?


Ichimoku isn’t a holy grail and you will meet such these situations while trading . But the most important thing , when must you close your trade  even with losses , and when must you be patient to recover the losses and close your trade with some green pips.

On that picture ( Clear Picture ) , Ichimoku gave us a strong signal to short and we already sold USD/CHF  , but the price went against our trade and went up about 50 pips. Also there is a candle closed above kijun-sen and it’s a signal from kijun-sen  to close now.
We talked in Ichimoku Winners ebook about many ways to close our trades and that was one of them.

We talked also about another ways to close our trades. We will ignore closing the candle above kijun-sen and will wait its crossing with tenkan-sen.

But you will ask now , which way is the best while trading ? should I close to be in safe
or must I wait and trust the Ichimoku’s signal !

Some tools may help you like Trend lines , Fibonacci Retracement or Price Action signals.

You must practice , try this and that , learn from here and there and you will know the best for you !



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