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Way Of The Turtle Curtis M. Faith


Way Of The Turtle Forex ebook by Curtis M. Faith


I had just finished writing the second edition of my book Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom when my editor asked me who I’d recommend as a new author for McGraw-Hill. The first person who popped into my mind was Curtis Faith. Curtis had been the most successful of the Turtles.

After the initial training period, Curtis was the only trader who had totally captured the biggest trend during that time period. He traded the largest account for Richard Dennis, making over $31 million for
Dennis while he was a Turtle, reported Stanley Angrist in the Wall Street Journal. Also, Curtis, much like me, has followed a road less traveled since he ended his Turtle career, and that path suggests that he is in tune with himself instead of with Main Street or Wall Street.
Who better to write a book for McGraw-Hill than someone like that?
I didn’t think anything more about it until I was asked to supply a quote
about a new book called Way of the Turtle. Lo and behold, it was Curtis’s book. I read about seventy pages of the unedited galleys and immediately decided that the book needed a foreword and that I really
wanted to write it. Why? In my opinion, this is one of the five best trading books ever written, and I will recommend that all my clients become familiar with its contents.


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