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Verified Fortune Binary Software

Verified Fortune Binary Software Review
There have been a number of our readers who have been asking our opinion on Binary trading offers. 
There seems to be more binary product websites coming up everyday than there are for typical forex related products.
Any case you have been wondering what these binary software are all about, we decided to test one of them and see what they are about and what results they would get.
On this Review we’ll focus on one product from sign up to the time we start using it and the results we got:
Product: Verified Fortune
Author/ CEO: Chaz Stepman 
Financial Trading Line: Binary Options
Services: Binary Options Automated Trading and Binary Options Signals
License: Free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work
Official Website:  
Forex Traders Bonus: 
1. After logging in or completing your registration, including selecting a broker, you will be asked to fund your account with a broker so that you have a valid and active account. 
On the 3rd log in page a broker iframe will appear Once the account is funded you can begin trading.
2. After completing the registration and deposit process, the software  dashboard will appear. This trading area is only one of the trading options of the Verified Fortune Software.
3. The Auto-Trader is the most prominent trading style. The Verified Fortune Software will place the selected amount of trades, you can choose between 1, 3 or 5, automatic trades which will be placed during a 24h cycle. You can let the auto-trader run or disable it by clicking on the on/off button. Once you are happy with your amount of trades and trade risk level selection, click the blue ‘Save’ button. The Auto-Trader will run even if the software is closed, or if you are logged out.
4. The 2nd part of the Verified Fortune Software is the signals trading area, which can be selected in the toolbar at the side of the page. In this section you can select an asset from various currencies, commodities, indices and stocks.
5. Once you have selected an asset, the need to click the blue ‘Get Signal’ button.
6. Once you have clicked to receive the signal, the software will analyse the asset and within 30 seconds the software will recommend to Call or Put. Once the analysis is complete the software will offer to open the trade with the signal provided.
To continue, either click the button to go to the trade or receive the signal for another asset.
7. If you choose to continue, they will have to approve the trade one final time. In this window they have an oversight of all necessary details and can also alter the investment amount.
To approve the trade, just click the Apply button.
8. The Market News segment features all the latest trading news and relevent information. 
9. In the toolbar at the side of the page, other information can be found such as the trader’s position portfolio, the terms of use and customer service.
Verified Fortune Results :
We opted to let the app trade automatically at 3 trades per day set $25 each. 
At the end of the week there were 15 trades taken. 
10 Won and 5 Lost. It’s like 2 thirds won a third lost.
Verified Fortune Profit Projection :
It takes me about 3 months to get about 600 trades in Forex. If I have a really good system and I win 400 of them, at an average 30 pips per trade won and 10 pips per trade lost.. then:
400 X 30 = 12,000 pips
– 200 X 10 =  -2,000 pip
Total Net  = 10,000 Pips
If am trading a Micro account at 0.1 Lot size then one pips is equivalent to $1, therefore:
10,000 pips X $1 = $10,000 in 3 months
With Binary on the other hand.. I can get triple the amount of trades I can get in forex in a month but for 
the sake of argument lets work with 600 trades in 3 months..
Each trade at $100 value for a $1,000 initial deposit account. I win 400 trades and lose 200 total = 600 trades
400 trades X $100 = $40,000
– 200 trades X $100 = – $20, 000
Total Net Amount = $20,000
As you can see:
Forex = $10,000
Binary = $20,000
What if I told you I get 3 times more Binary signals than I get with Forex…
then my revenue for binary Triples
So we have:
Forex = $10,000
Binary = $20,000 X 3 = $60,000
CONCLUSION: I don’t want you to conclude binary is better than Forex.. but I want you to see Binary as an additional revenue stream to your bottom line:
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DISCLAIMER : This is a paid review and not a suggestion or a recommendation from ForexWinners.
Trading foreign currencies can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors.

Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.
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