Trading The Pristine Method

Trading The Pristine Method


Presented by: Paul Lange


You Will Learn:

  • How you can read, interpret and decode fear and greed in any market using only Technical Analysis
  • Pristine’s arsenal of proprietary candlestick chart patterns to use in any market condition
  • Pristine’s 7 Building Blocks to Trading Mastery
  • The key to maximizing 2-5 day swing trading opportunities
  • Pristine’s unique Point System to rate the quality of a trade set-up PRIOR to execution
  • When, where, and how to place your entries, targets, plus protective and trailing stops
  • The power of using multiple time analysis
  • Pristine’s Buy and Sell Zones
  • The “Pause That Refreshes” technique
  • Pristine’s 4 Transitional Phases for utilizing trend changes
  • How to use Minor and Major Price Support and Resistance areas without the need for subjective indicators


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