The Subtle Trap of Trading by Brian McAboy


Brian McAboy- The Subtle Trap of Trading
Why So Many Smart People Don’t Make Money Trading.
And How To Get On The Right Track In Less Than Two Hours.


In a nutshell, this course was created for those who are not enjoying their trading. Trading can be a wonderful, fun, exciting, profitable, educational activity that done right, can provide a nice living for you.
If the above doesn’t match up with your experience, then you’re in the right place.
Many people come into the markets, having heard numerous rags-to-riches  (almost overnight) stories, how easy it can be, how some average Joe borrowed a $1,000 on his credit card and in 30 days parlayed it into $100,000 without breaking a sweat and only working at it 20 minutes a day. 
Good sales job selling the dream, better than the lottery and Publisher’s Clearing House. Too bad they don’t tell you about the emotional firebreathing dragons that can turn you and your money into ashes. 
While the fantasy sounds great, it is far from reality. You’d better come to the markets properly suited for battle, ready to take on the dragons of fear, doubt, anxiety, greed and others, or your chances of survival are slim.


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