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The Forex Triple B Strategy-Vladimir Ribakov V3.5

The Forex Triple B Strategy by Vladimir Ribakov 
 Profitable “Semi-Automated” Trading At Your Fingertips!
V 3.5


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The idea behind this trading system is to ride the trend, the way it is shown on the BB.
As you might know, trend riders belong to various groups. Some love to make a quick profit with part of the trade, then let the other part run, some love just to let the trend continue and some love to increase their trade size every time the trend breaks and has a pullback.
My goal was to create something that can be useful to any of these types of trend traders.
So the triple B joins the trend fully based on BB and from there, there are different ways to manage the trades, and yes, they all are tested and proven as successful (You can find the proofs of my tests on the main page of the website).
The idea is to find a trend on daily time frame (from now on: TF) and to actually enter the trade using a lower TF.
Therefore, the first thing I do is to look at the Daily chart, with the BB indicator on it, seeking its trend.
That’s easy to do with the Triple B template, since on your lower time frame chart (for example 1 hour chart) you can see a small window displaying the Daily chart and BB on it. 

A trend is called bullish if price is above the middle of daily BB (20 ma) and the slope of the MA is bullish.
A trend is called bearish if price is below the middle of daily BB (20 ma) and the slope of the MA is bearish.
This is the most important first stage.
Then we drop two TF directly to the 1 hour chart (H1) and there we are looking for prices to get out of the BB, as opposite to the daily trend direction.
So basically, if the BB trend on daily is bullish on H1 we need to see prices getting our below the BB.
That’s all. In this case we have a nice potential (and I say potential as there are few more things to pay attention to, I will explain all later) trade and we should be ready to act. 


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