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The Fibo Code trading system

The Fibo Code trading system


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We will go through each details of Fibo Code Trading Strategy covering indicators, parameters, entry/exit rule and Limits. 

Currency Pairs :
Fibo Code is a robust strategy that could be used over diverse currency pairs. The strategy has proved to be profitable over multiple pairs however when starting out with this strategy it is recommended that you limit to 3-4 Currency pairs. 

Each currency has different peculiarities therefore once you get to know major currency pairs, i.e. (EURUSD, GPBUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY) you can then branch out to other pairs. 

Charts Needed :
Fibo Code works over all major charting packages, you can use free charting platform, most broker nowadays have integrated charting packages which are adequate for the trading strategy analysis. 

Never Let a Winner Turn Into a Loser :
It is not uncommon to see a trade go up by 30 pips in couple of minute and then it completely reverses to hit your stop loss at 40 pips in a short while.
Traders should learn to protect their profits. There are two easy ways to protect your capital and banking pips. You can add trailing stop to your orders. The second method is to use multiple lots and exit positions on different levels including a trailing stop.

There is nothing worse than watching your trade be up 30 points one minute, only to see it completely reverse a short while later and take out your stop 40 points lower. 
Free Download TFC.rar 112.8 MB
EconomicCalendar.ex4 // FiboDI.ex4 // FiboTrend.ex4
Fibonacci Profit Formula.pdf // The Fibo Code -part1pdf // The Fibo Code User Manual.pdf
Videos :
1. Properly Identify Indicators + MACD Traditional Indicator.mp4
2. Hiden Modules – Correlation.mp4
3. Hiden Modules – Conservative Profitable Trade Setup.mp4
4. Hiden Modules – Pivot Points.mp4
5. Hiden Modules – Indicators Continued.mp4
6. Hiden Modules – Candlestick Patterns.mp4


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