The Art & Science of Technical Analysis

The Art & Science of Technical Analysis


The Art & Science of Technical Analysis by Adam Grimes


PART I The Foundation of Technical Analysis
CHAPTER 1 The Trader’s Edge
Defining a Trading Edge Finding and Developing Your Edge General Principles of Chart Reading Indicators The Two Forces: Toward a New Understanding
of Market Action Price Action and Market Structure on Charts Charting by Hand
CHAPTER 2 The Market Cycle and the Four Trades
Wyckoff’s Market Cycle The Four Trades Summary
PART II Market Structure
CHAPTER 3 On Trends
The Fundamental Pattern Trend Structure A Deeper Look at Pullbacks: The Quintessential Trend
Trading Pattern
CHAPTER 4 On Trading Ranges
Support and Resistance Trading Ranges as Functional Structures Summary
CHAPTER 5 Interfaces between Trends and Ranges
Breakout Trade: Trading Range to Trend
Trend to Trading Range
Trend to Opposite Trend (Trend Reversal) Trend to Same Trend (Failure of Trend Reversal) Summary
PART III Trading Strategies
CHAPTER 6 Practical Trading Templates
Failure Test Pullback, Buying Support or Shorting Resistance Pullback, Entering Lower Time Frame Breakout Trading Complex Pullbacks The Anti Breakouts, Entering in the Preceding Base Breakouts, Entering on First Pullback Following Failed Breakouts Summary
CHAPTER 7 Tools for Confirmation
The Moving Average—The Still Center Channels: Emotional Extremes Indicators: MACD Multiple Time Frame Analysis
CHAPTER 8 Trade Management
Placing the Initial Stop Setting Price Targets
CHAPTER 9 Risk Management
Risk and Position Sizing Theoretical Perspectives on Risk Misunderstood Risk Practical Risks in Trading Summary
CHAPTER 10 Trade Examples
Trend Continuation Trend Termination Failure Test Failures Trading Parabolic Climaxes The Anti Trading at Support and Resistance Summary
PART IV The Individual, Self-Directed Trader
CHAPTER 11 The Trader’s Mind
Psychological Challenges of the Marketplace Evolutionary Adaptations Cognitive Biases The Random Reinforcement Problem Emotions: The Enemy Within Intuition
Flow Practical Psychology Summary
CHAPTER 12 Becoming a Trader
The Process Record Keeping Statistical Analysis of Trading Results Summary
APPENDIX A Trading Primer
APPENDIX B A Deeper Look at Moving Averages
and the MACD
APPENDIX C Sample Trade Data


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