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Triumph Scalper , Triumph Scalper Kit – Stable BUY and SELL signals

What’s “Triumph Scalper”? “Triumph Scalper“ is an exclusive software for trading on the forex market. Its main goal is to make your trading really profitable, saving your precious time and nerves! It is created for fast trading, so it works on M1, M5, M15 Timeframes and all major currency pairs. All you need is simply to follow the stable BUY and SELL signals which “Triumph Scalper” gives …

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AIS1 Advanced Indicators market view

  AIS1 Advanced Indicators   1. Purpose Main purpose of AIS1AI is to extend market view. This indicator suits for manual trading. 2. Timeframe Using timeframe depends on trading strategies. For me preferrable timeframes are M1 and M15. 3. Explanations Let we trade. Let we see that AIS1AI displays nearest extremum point at price 1.35169 minimum. Let we want to …

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