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Fxmerge.com – Take your trading to a whole new level

Check out fxmerge.com If you are keen to succeed in the world of Forex, you are surely going to enjoy what FX Merge can offer you. This portal can be your best partner in managing your trading while keeping track of how your investments are going. Trading is all about experience and achieving good results, even though sometimes this is …

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Profit with the Market Profile by John Keppler

john keppler workshop market profile

Profit with the Market Profile by John Keppler   Neither Candlesticks nor Bar Charts provide us with any information about value in a trading session. We have no clue about what actually happened inside the candlestick or bar. We are missing vital information about actual market activity. A market profile chart is plotted based on actual market trading activity. Prepare …

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Trading Systems

  Forex Trading Systems   The Trading System is an important tool for every Forex trader. The Forex trader  uses the Trading system to expect the movement of the future market. Using a good Trading system is one of the most important rules of success in forex trading beside Money Management. Find Out Free trading systems from here. Most of trading systems are based …

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