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Spain unemployment hits record high

Spain unemployment

Spain’s unemployment rate soared to a new record of 27.2% of the workforce in the first quarter of 2013, according to official figures. The total number of unemployed people in Spain has now passed the six million figure, although the rate of the increase has slowed. The figures underline Spain’s struggle to emerge from an economic crisis which began five …

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Forex Fun- FOMC

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Did you try trading while important news ?!     Idea & Design / Ahmed Maher

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Gold has fallen to its lowest level in two years

Gold Daily chart

Daily chart for Gold.   Gold has fallen to its lowest level in two years, on weak Chinese economic data, and receding fears about the chance of higher inflation in the US. The price of the precious metal was down 9.2% to $1,395 an ounce. The weaker than expected growth in China’s economy also sparked a wider fall in commodity …

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  Greek bank deposits are safe and the country’s lenders are protected due to a recapitalization scheme which will be completed by the end of April, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said on Saturday. In an interview with Imerisia, Samaras ruled out a tax on deposits over 100,000 euros ($131,000) allaying fears of austerity-hit Greeks that their savings may be at …

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Cyprus banks will reopen on Thursday

Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus is the country’s largest bank.   Banks in Cyprus are to reopen on Thursday at 10:00 GMT, 10 days after they closed to prevent a bank run as a controversial bailout was negotiated. Banks will open their doors between noon and 18:00 local time, the Cypriot central bank said. Customers will also be limited to withdrawing 300 …

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