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Elliot Wave Principle and Theory

  Elliot Wave Theory and Principle   Although my system mainly focuses on Channels and Fibonacci retracements, I also pay attention to the Elliott Wave Theory, because it provides vital information about price movement. The Elliott Wave Principle is a type of technical analysis that utilizes past cycles or repetitive patterns to identify predictable market behaviour. It was developed by …

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Attacking Currency Trends How to Anticipate and Trade Big Moves

   Attacking Currency Trends How to Anticipate and Trade Big Moves in the Forex Market   By //  Greg Michalowski John Wiley  CHAPTER 1 Stereotyping the Retail Currency Trader They Think Trading Currencies Is Easy They Have Too Much Fear They Lose Money They Are Too Fundamental (Not Technical Enough) They Don’t Know Enough about Key Fundamental Requirements They Fail …

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Forex Profitability Code system

  Forex Profitability Code system   By Toshko Raychev  forexsecretprotocol.com  Check All Forex Secret Protocol Products from Here.   By Author :The Forex Profitability Code trading system is a powerful system that has performed very well during the Demo and the Live Rounds of the recent Surefire Trading Challenge. It went up against thousands of other systems and won. This system beat 4000 …

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