Shortstocking Timothy Sykes , stocks course

Shortstocking -Timothy Sykes- stocks course

Shortstocking -Timothy Sykes- stocks course

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The fifth course from 8 courses.
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If you wanna learn how to short sell stocks stop reading this review and just buy the dvd. The price is good and you will learn a ton from this video. I bought this dvd when I thought short selling was just buying and selling a stock short term. Needless to say I was wrong and learned a ton from this video. Tim is a fun person to watch and incorparates a decent amount of humor which keeps you entertained. Tim was very good about answering any questions I had and even wrote back at 1 in the morning once when I was watching the video which suprised me.

This probably wasn’t Tim’s best DVD and didn’t include a ton of new content, but I found it to be a great teaching tool focused specifically on short selling stocks. At first I really wasn’t that into short selling. I live on the West Coast and the thought of getting up at 4am to reserve shares at Thinkorswim was not enticing. I even tried it a couple of days. My entire view changed after watching this DVD and practicing Tim’s short selling strategy leading me to a $1200 gain in a few hours in one stock! I’m now a short selling advocate as much as buying breakouts. This DVD will help you understand the tactics. However, if you’re short on cash, buy the Pennystocking and PennyStocking Part Deux DVDs and subscribe to the TIMalerts. If you work at it, you’ll pick up everything you need to successfully trade Tim’s strategy from those tools.

This DVD has a lot of good information on short-selling. It is appropriate for beginners who have no knowledge of short – selling to begin with. If you read mainstream books on the stock market, many will cover short selling but not as in-depth as this. This video mentions things about reserving shares and other tidbits that I have not seen elsewhere. Does a couple tid-bits justify the 400 dollar price tag? I guess that’s for you to decide.
This made it very easy to internalize short selling. Even if you have never done it before, you will feel comfortable with it at the end of this set because there are so many examples of charts, you won’t feel like a fish out of water when you encounter real – life trading.
I have a bunch of Tim’s videos and for some, I have written not-so-encouraging reviews. This one definitely gets my approval for having the potential of being worth 400 dollars and having unique content, not being rehashed, and not being fluff.

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