Quattro Cash Envelopes

Quattro Cash Envelopes Trading system 2019 by Nicola Delic

Quattro Cash Envelopes Trading system 2019 by Nicola Delic 


This method performs well across all currency pairs and when traded responsibly it can deliver spectacular returns.
The Quattro Cash Envelopes system has worked very well for me. I  always enjoy tinkering with my indicators and I’ve spent a lot of time fine tuning and tweaking the indicators to provide the most accurate trading signals.

The Wilder Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a rate of change oscillator developed by J. Welles Wilder, Jr. I’ve made some modifications to this indicator so while it looks the same as the original, it has been fine tuned to deliver the best results when trading this system.

Using the Wilder RSI Indicator:

This indicator is designed primarily for confirming the trade signals we receive when trading this system.

As you can see on the image above, there are two key levels we will be monitoring when trading this system. These levels are at 70 and at 30 and are shown by the dashed white lines.

The actual Wilder RSI line is Orange in color and will usually oscillate between the upper and lower levels as price moves forward on your charts.

So, we are going to look for the Wilder RSI to be above the 70 level when we want to enter a Sell trade and we want the Wilder RSI to be below the 30 level when we want to enter a Buy trade.

Remember that we will combine this signal together with readings from the rest of our indicators to identify the best opportunities to trade.

If the Market Direction and Envelopes indicators are in alignment, the Wilder RSI serves as excellent confirmation of a trade signal.

What are Envelopes?

This is an indicator that is formed by two moving averages that define upper and lower price range levels. It is traditionally used to help identify extreme overbought and oversold conditions in a market. It is also useful in identifying trading ranges.

Using the Envelopes Indicator:

When trading the Quattro Cash Envelopes system, we will be using the Envelopes indicator to identify areas where we may consider entering Buy or Sell trades. I have set the MA Period to 8 and the Deviation to 0.1.

We are looking for areas where the price candles are testing the Upper and Lower Envelope Bands. To identify a potential trade setup, we want to see a candle close either above the Upper Envelope Band (for Sell trades) or below the Lower Envelope Band (for Buy trades).

Once this condition has been met we can look to the next system rule and confirm the signal with the Wilder RSI.


Free Download Quattro Cash Envelopes Trading system 2019 :

Indicators + template + pdf user’s manual. 

Quattro Cash system Live trading examples Video



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