Professional Trading Masterclass instutrade

Professional Trading Masterclass instutrade

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You will receive access to twenty eight videos totalling over thirty five hours of footage. The content of the videos are a mixture of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements, two day weekend presentation given by ex-Goldman Sachs trader and Managing Partner of the Institute Anton Kreil.
Additionally the videos include footage of Anton at his trading desk, teaching you directly as a one to one student.
You will also be provided with footage of computer screen filming in which Anton and his analyst Christopher Quill show you on their computer screens how to implement all of the processes that 
professional traders go through each week at leading investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and leading Hedge Funds globally in order to be consistently profitable in the financial markets.


You do not need any prior knowledge of trading in order to take the online course. The concepts and processes used regularly by professional traders are explained and delivered in a format throughout the video series that everyone can understand. Prior to creating the online video series, the Institutes Managing Partner Anton Kreil toured the U.K. Europe and Asia delivering the Institutes weekend seminar for two years. The majority of delegates at these seminars were novice retail traders with little or no knowledge of the financial markets. Over these two years Anton’s objective was to deliver the knowledge and resources of professional traders to delegates in an easy to understand, no nonsense format. Over two thousand five hundred students attended these seminars globally over two years.
Naturally, as Anton was touring and giving his live seminars, he has perfected the delivery of all professional trader concepts and resources so that everyone can understand the content. All you need to have is a basic understanding of arithmetic and a basic level of common sense. If you have this you will not struggle with the course content. Infact, as a student of the video series, you are at an advantage relative to our past live delegates.

You will be able to rewind the videos and go over the content and resources multiple times until you clearly understand everything.


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1 Professional Trading Masterclass instutrade

2 Professional Trading Masterclass instutrade

3 Professional Trading Masterclass instutrade


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