MQL5 Market Service
MQL5 Market Service

MQL5 Market- buy or sell Forex indicators , scripts or robots and other trading programs.


MQL5 Market is a  very secure service to buy or sell Forex indicators , scripts or robots and other trading programs.

All products on MQL5 Market are listed into categories to find your request easily. You will find free and paid products in every category. And there is a description with screen-shots for each application , which makes browsing the market  is very easy and flexible for anyone. Also there are 3 languages available and you can choose between them.

MQL5 Market is a great place for helping Expert Advisors and indicators developers to sell their products. It’s a unified place to sell robots and indicators. Traders won’t waste their time searching for trading tools. Actually it made the distance very short between the buyer and the seller and made the process is very fast for each of them.

MQL5 Market has been ensured the safety of the process for the buyer and the seller. Buyer’s funds are transferred to the developer’s account and the buyer can can get the product without any problem. And that arrangement doesn’t leave any place for any violations or fraud.

That isn’t everything , all products are protected which means that the buyer’s product won’t go for a third party. Every application has been encrypted depending on the buyer’s hardware parameters. 
Buyers will be able to activate an Expert Advisor on their PCs beside another two computers, the code can’t be launched in anywhere after that.

when you buy a trading robot, its special copy is generated for you , That copy will work only on your computer. If another one has the same file , he can’t run the program on another computer. This solution helps to protect the interests of developers and their customers.

And another advantage that MQL5 Market accepts well-known payment systems like credit cards. If you are a seller , you can withdraw your funds to your PayPal or WebMoney account.

If you have any program which can be useful to MetaTrader 5 users, the Market service will be a great chance to earn money.

To open an account on MQL5 Market , you will need to prepare the application like indicating your name, country, address, city, region, contact telephone numbers and also attach a scan of your identity document.

you will receive a message after approving your account as a seller.
Here is the message which you will receive on your mobile phone  { You have been approved as a Seller in the Market service }

Just click on “Create New Product”, the common will tab appear in the draft.
Now you will fill some information about your  product like its name, its type, category and also its price. Remember that you can choose ” Free”  If you want publish your product for free.

The next steps are very easy , you can choose a logo for your product , description for the product , upload some screenshots , versions and that is the place which you can upload the product code.

After that , your product is being checked by moderator.
You did everything and can wait for a while  to see that the product has been published in the Market.

Now you can find your product in your profile and you can see it available to all MetaTrader 5 users. Traders can buy your product or download its demo version which will work only in the strategy tester of the client’s platform. Remember that you can updated product versions any time from the Versions tab. Also you can upload a new version by clicking on “New version”. After that it will appear in the “Version” section.  It will be published after verification.

There are rules of using MQL5 Market service you can check them from this link below :
Rules of Using MQL5 Market Service

If you have a successful commercial application for the MetaTrader 5 users, you can post it in the Market. It will be a big chance for you to earn money.
Join now , many traders are waiting you !

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