Marketplace Books New Trading Dimensions

Marketplace Books-New Trading Dimensions
How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities


Most guys had this happen in high school. You ask a pretty girl to go to a dance and she accepts. Now you are in trouble! You fear you will make a fool of yourself dancing and not only will she never speak to you again, but she will tell all the other girls in the school that you are a klutz. You practice with your little sister and your cousin before the date. When you get to the dance, you are determined to make the dancing work. You try hard to be a better dancer than you really are (you are content-oriented). But because you try so hard, you end up stepping all over your partner’s feet. Your life is ruined; you were never meant to be anything but an other-handed klutz. If you could have only relaxed and become a bit more processoriented, you could have pulled your partner close to you, she could have felt your movements, and you both would have appeared to be dancing with some skill. The key to dancing well—and profiting in the market—is an ability to relax and simply go with the flow.

That is what this book is about—getting with the process; letting go and going with the flow.
This material will defuse much of the miseducation of modern technical analysis and demonstrate the way the market really works and how to profit from that knowledge. When Trading Chaos was written several years ago, our goal was to take 80 percent out of a trend move. We wanted to get in on the bottom 10 percent and get out on the top 10 percent of the price movement. In the intervening years, we have sharpened both our research and our strategy. Today, our goal is not to take 80 percent from a trend move but to take 300-500 percent of the trend move. Previously, if there was a 200-point move in a commodity or stock, we were well satisfied with 160 points in our pocket. Now our achievable goal is to bank 600 to 1,000 points on that same move. Unbelievable? Not after you have read this book and seen
the results in your own trading.

To say that trading is simple, easy, and profitable is incredulous to most traders and absolutely absurd to others. Almost all traders experience a great deal of doubt. In this section, we are going to look at ways to rise above the clouds of doubt. This will ultimately happen only after enough experience in using my trading techniques to prove their overall profitability. The key to rising above doubt is to again realize what game we are playing. The game is trading our own belief systems. If we want to change our results, we must change our beliefs. Beliefs are what we “know” to be true. We almost never question our deep beliefs, but that is exactly what a losing trader must do: question personal beliefs not only about the market but, even more, about themselves. Very few traders know why they trade, much less how they trade. We all can spout our superficial reasons: to make money fast, to enjoy competing with other
traders, to gain the prestige of being able to say “I am a trader,” and so on. In your last trade, did you lose because you couldn’t see the market going the other way, or because of a deep, unexamined belief that you shouldn’t get rich that easily? If the latter, it’s time to free yourself from some old beliefs.


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