Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading


Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading ebook 




Content :

Chapter 1
Making Order Out of Short-Term Chaos
How 1 Learned about the Market
Charting the Market
The Nonrandom Market
Understanding Market Structure
Chapter 2
It’s a Question of Price and Time
All You Will Ever Need to Know about Cycles
The Natural Cycle of Range Change
Where the Trend Is with You-The Second Power Play Price Pattern
Chapter 3
The Real Secret to Short-Term Trading
It Is All about Time
Chapter 4
Volatility Breakouts
The Momentum Breakthrough
Simple Daily Range Breakouts
A Look at Volatility in the S&P 500
Separating Buyers from Sellers to Find Volatility
Using Market Swings to Follow Volatility
One Step Further
Chapter 5
The Theory of Short-Term Trading
What Is Wrong about the Information Age
E. H. Harriman’s Rule of Making Millions
Chapter 6
Getting Closer to the Truth
The Market Is Not a Coin Flip
Monthly Road Maps
Chapter 7
Patterns to Profit
The Common Element
The Questions to Ask
My Smash Day Patterns
How to Use Smash Day Patterns
Specialists’ Trap
A Vital Note-This Works on Shorter Time Frames as WOops! This Is Not a Mistake
S&P Oops! Trading
Chapter 8
Separating the Buyers from the Sellers
Greatest Swing Value
Stock Index Trading with Greatest Swing Value
Some Pointers
Chapter 9
Short-Term Trading from a Quote Screen
How a Quote-Screen Trader Makes Money
Swing Points as Trend Change Indication
The Three-Bar High/Low System
A New Indicator for Short-Term Traders: Will-Tell
Will-Spread and the S&P 500 Stock Index
Chapter 10
Special Short-Term Situations
Month-End Trading in Stock Indexes
Target Months
Making It Better
Month-End Trading in the Bond Market
Getting Specific
Better and Better
A Time to Sell as Well
Chapter 11
When to Get Out of Your Trades
Chapter 12
Thoughts on the Business of Speculation
What Speculation Is All About
It’s about Time
Trade Management
Essential Points about Speculation
Chapter 13
Money Management-The Keys to the Kingdom
Most Traders Use a Hit-and-Miss Approach
Approaches to Money Management-One Is Right for You The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Money Management
Looking in New Directions, Drawdown as an Asset
Back to Ryan and Ralph
Chapter 14
Thoughts from the Past
Chapter 15
Just What Does Make the Stock Market Rally? Logic 101
These Words Are My Bond
A Look at Data A and Data B
Let’s Break Some Bad Habits
How to Break Bad Habits
Comments on Setting Stops-Dollar Loss and Unpredictability
Chapter 16
Closing Comments
It Is just Like Life


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