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James Dalton Field of Vision DVDs and Workbook-Market Profile

James Dalton Field of Vision DVDs and Workbook


By / James Dalton


J Dalton Trading provides traders like you with enhanced mentoring services that propel you on your path to expert. We offer DVD training programs and daily market research to advance your market understanding through dedicated mentoring.

This six and a half hour video with 128 page workbook shows you how to interpret the market using the Market Profile® in combination with a top down perspective.

Jim Dalton illustrates how to employ market-generated information and help you develop a market understanding and confidence that allow you to rely on your own ability to trade the markets.

Everything Jim Dalton could share in a six and half hour video is included on these four DVDs. The 128 page full color workbook has additional comments from Jim and areas to record your thoughts as you go through the material.


Brad from India (  ) sent us this course.


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