Gold Trading Boot Camp


Gold Trading Boot Camp


Chapter 1 Trial by Fire
Chapter 2 Neophytes and Neanderthals
Chapter 3 The Show
Chapter 4 The Firm
Chapter 5 Character
Part Two Evolution of a Macromonetary Era
Chapter 6 “Top-Down”—It Starts at the Top
Chapter 7 The Golden Bull
Chapter 8 Bretton Woods and the “System”
Chapter 9 Seniorage
Chapter 10 The Goldbug Is Born
Chapter 11 The Emperor with No Clothes
Part Three Capital Markets:
Looking Inside the Market
Chapter 12 Welcome to My Boot Camp
Chapter 13 Intermarket Analysis—The Tape Tells a Story
Chapter 14 Who’s on First? Know the Players

Part Four Looking Inside the Market Technically
Chapter 15 Reading the Tea Leaves—Technical Analysis 107
Chapter 16 Charts 111
Chapter 17 Moving Averages 121
Chapter 18 Oscillators
Chapter 19 Rate-of-Change Indicators
Chapter 20 Fibonacci Retracements
Chapter 21 Historic Volatility and Volatility Bands
Chapter 22 Volume, On-Balance Volume, and Money Flow
Chapter 23 The Commitments of Traders Report
Part Five Looking Inside the Market:
Top-Down Macro
Chapter 24 Again, Everything Matters!
Chapter 25 U.S. Monetary Fundamentals and the
Federal Reserve System
Chapter 26 Energy Market Fundamentals
Chapter 27 Global Trade
Chapter 28 U.S. Fiscal Fundamentals
Chapter 29 Inflation and Labor Market Fundamentals
Chapter 30 U.S. Housing and the Consumer
Part Six Trend Identification and
Momentum Trading
Chapter 31 Why . . . Trend Identification?
Chapter 32 Trend Identification Techniques—Momentum, Timing,
and Trading the Trend
Chapter 33 Countertrend Trading—Divergence, Saturation,
and Exhaustion
Chapter 34 The “TIMID” Matrix

Part Seven Defining and Managing Risk
Chapter 35 Defining Overall Risk
Chapter 36 Diversity
Chapter 37 Position Leverage
Chapter 38 Trade Risk
Chapter 39 Correlated Risk
Chapter 40 Sector and Portfolio Risk
Chapter 41 Psychological Risk
Part Eight Putting It All Together
Chapter 42 Using What You Know When Making Decisions
Chapter 43 Global Supply-and-Demand Fundamentals:
The Mining Industry, Gold Consumption,
Gold Holdings, and Central Banks
Chapter 44 Chart Library
Appendix Precious Metals: A Secular-Macro Overview


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