Forex Steam Review (Light Risk V10)

Forex Steam is a popular forex EA developed by STEAM LTD, Canada. This robot particularly caters to the MT4 platform and is incredibly popular amongst novice and experienced traders worldwide because of its great and consistent results. Especially, traders looking for long-term growth and low risk environment should consider integrating Forex Steam into their trading strategy.


What is Forex Steam?


Forex Steam has been around for over 25 years, providing incomparable trading solutions to the forex traders. Taking into account the persistently varying nature of the forex market and the objective of a rise in the rate of returns by 5% to 10%, Forex Steam is said to be one of the best automated solutions available so far. What makes Forex Steam different from its competitors is that the developers are very conscious about the trading results. This is perhaps the biggest reason why you see regular updates and improvement in terms of features on consistent basis. 

Also, the software has been designed and programmed after thorough market research. The best bit? All updates are absolutely free for the current users, meaning you’ll be updated about recent market changes and price fluctuations without spending a penny. The purpose of these updates is to amplify the growth rate and revamp the robot’s current performance.


How Does Forex Steam Work?

Forex Steam is the only forex EA that enables users start trading with very limited initial investment and that too for a period of 5 years or more which is great for people with confined risk tolerance or for those who’re willing to play safe in the forex world. Despite limited investments, traders can expect good returns which of course is an added perk. In fact you can earn up to 1000 times more than your basic investment.


Some of the prominent features offered by Forex Steam include:


Hassle-Free Download and Installation


Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just started out, you can use Forex Steam without much difficulty. Not only you can instantly download and install the software on your system, but can also benefit from available tutorials and videos that comes free of cost with the package.


Continuous Updates

As we all know, earning in a constantly varying forex market isn’t a piece of cake. Unlike in the past when competition was low, traders need to keep themselves updated with recent market changes and technological innovations to get the most out of the forex world. The best thing about Forex Steam is that you’ll be provided with continuous updates which are both tested and optimized.


Real-Life Trading Proof


Being a trader, it’s your responsibility as well as right to know about the past performance of the selected product. Luckily, with Forex Steam, you’ll not be needed to research a lot as their 10 years of real-life trading record is accessible to assess, portraying their success and substantial gains over time.




With Forex Steam, you can customize the settings to fit your unique trading style. This option is particularly beneficial for those who want to experiment with their trading approach in order to attain greater returns.


Apart from these basic features, advanced news filters, PIP retrace, trailing stop and breakeven are also some of the popular Forex Steam benefits.


Light Risk V10 (Best Version)


Forex Steam is currently available in two versions – a normal version and a Light Risk V10. As far as popularity is concerned, the Light Risk version seems to be a winner. Noticeably, this version has been upgraded by the FS team for more than 60 times in the last 5 years.


Scalping Strategy That’s Worked for Over 10 Years


Forex Steam makes use of a scalping strategy that has proven and consistent results for over 10 years. The Scalping technique works wonderfully with the Steam’s retrace approach that maximize wins and limit losses.


Proven Trading Results


Transparency is certainly the biggest reason why lots of traders have invested their hard-earned money into Forex Steam. The developers offer a trading account, and trading accounts are also provided by independent vendors. You can even check out Forex Steam official website to assess their past performance. With Forex Steam, the chances of loss are very slim as the product lands with an assurance of success rate over 90%.


Moreover, Forex Steam acquires an automated strategy along with a systematized evaluation system which begins working as soon as you have provided needed credentials to the software.


Same Low Price as 10 Years Ago

The Forex Steam EA comes with a price tag of $117.99 which definitely is amazing considering the features and benefits offered by the product. The availability of multiple licenses is a great benefit too. Users can use these licenses for testing purposes. Also, one can try different setting options on diversified currency pairs and can also tweak hedging and stop loss settings. The flexibility and freedom one gets by spending $117.99 is definitely worth the price.




Forex EAs are believed to be a great resource in today’s fast evolving forex market. Obviously, to keep an eye on every market movement and price fluctuation is not possible for any trader. Also, there are many new traders out there who’re simply clueless when they entered into the world of forex. Forex EA’s are a surefire way to generate constant stream of passive income without much involvement by the trader’s side.


As far as Forex Steam is concerned, it is definitely a market-leading software with some amazing benefits. Not only is it super affordable, but also includes features that make trading rewarding and fun for the traders. As FS handles every trading aspect on its own, it saves traders a lot of time and effort. Especially, if you’re a part time trader, you can expect great returns even if you don’t invest any of your time in the trading process (yes that involves research too). Although there are hundreds of positive reviews available on different third-party websites, it would still be great to do thorough research on your part before handing over your trading decisions to this particular forex EA.

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