COG Master Strategy

Forex Profit Matrix COG Master Strategy


COG Master Strategy
Trading Forex Using the Center Of Gravity Master Strategy


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Wesley Govender


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Follow the rules before for placing buy trades:

1. On the higher time frame (H4), wait for the FxCOGMaster H Histogram and Yellow SMA line to close below the Oversold line.
2. On the higher timeframe (H4), confirm that price is at or near the lower Green FxCOGMaster channel line.
3. If the above conditions are met, switch to the lower timeframe (H1).
4. On the lower timeframe (H1), wait for FxCOGMaster H Histogram to close above  the Yellow SMA Signal line.
5. On the lower timeframe (H1), wait for price to close above the 9 SMA on the price chart.
6. If the above conditions are met, enter a Buy trade at the open of the next candle.
7. Set your Stop Loss below the most recent swing low on the lower timeframe (H1).
8. Set your Take Profit the same distance away from the entry level as the stop loss (1:1 risk/reward ratio) or exit the trade manually when price touches the Blue middle FxCOGMaster line or the upper Green FxCOGMaster line.


# Important Notes :

We didn’t talk much about money management and stop placement, however, I want to leave you with some personal thoughts regarding those things. As a rule of thumb, don’t risk more than 2-5% of your account on any one trade and only have 1 trade open at a time.

This will reduce the number of losing trades that your account will incur at any one time. Each trade is its own bird so to speak and needs your full attention. You won’t end up having an over-exposed account either.

Imagine having 4-5 open trades at a time with a 5% risk per trade and all of them going bad. That’s a 20-25% loss on your account all at once.

On the flip side, if you only have 1 trade open at a max of 5% risk and it loses then you’ve only lost 5%.

For the stop placement we need to put our stops just beyond the most recent swing low or swing high with a target of 1:1 or better.

In the examples shown, the market moved substantially and it does often, but there are times when it does not so manage your trade properly and be aware that the big ones are right around the corner!

Well, there you have it folks! That is the essence of the FxCOGMaster and the FxCOGMaster H. As a side note, the FxCOGMaster H indicator is probably one of the best overbought/oversold indicators that I’ve seen and I am very happy to present it to you for your trading pleasure, enjoy!
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Manyetik Semra from switzerland (  ) sent us this system.

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