Forex Guru V.3 indicators
Forex Guru V.3 indicators , Guru Scam

Forex Guru Scam Alert


I have received more than 40 requests from Forex Winners members asking me to share Forex Guru V3 trading system for free which is for sale here ( )

We shared the old version for that system long time ago.
And before sharing it , there was many requests for it too. But that system wasn’t good and no one is using it right now.

You can check it from here :
Forex Guru Trading System

He is writing on his facebook account that he lives in London , but I checked his IP address and I have found that he lives in Egypt.
And here is a trusted picture from google :

forex winners

To make sure , I used TailMail service and it approved for me that he is from Egypt.

Another thing , Some friends from UK wanted to buy his system and he refused to give them his bank account ID 
Check that picture :

forex winners

Egyptian PayPal accounts can’t receive money so that he doesn’t use it.

forex winners

He is sharing green statements but doesn’t share any Investor-Password for his accounts. And never shared a picture for his system and indicators on his chart.

Here are some messages from some friends bought his old version.

forex winners

Another one :

forex winners

His old system doesn’t worth money. And now he made another one to get more victims !

That is enough to write about him. Let’s save our time.
Don’t try to buy this system. And if you already bought , you can send it to :
And we will share it for free for everyone here.

That is a Scam Alert. Share it on your social networks to save Forex newbies !

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