Forex Fury Review & Working Coupon Code

Forex Fury is an automated solution developed by the same team who introduced the popular Forex Steam robot. When the developers say that they’ll do whatever it takes for forex investors to succeed, obviously they aren’t deluding. Notably, the Forex Fury robot has also been listed as the number one automated solution back in 2017 and 2018.


If you review the developer’s website, you’ll come to know that there are some amazing features listed that can surely play a major role in the growth of your account. Also, the 100% verified Myfxbook accounts and the 15 year 466.725% gain in backtest are enough reasons to invest in this software.


In this article, we’ll be reviewing Forex Fury robot covering its features, benefits and pricing in detail (and we’ll also tell you its coupon code that will bless you with a straight 15% discount!).


What is Forex Fury?


Forex Fury is an automated EA that provides investors with real-time automated results. With 93% winning percentage verified by live trading results, this software is a must-have for beginners as well as experienced forex traders. This software is popular because of its extremely simple and user-friendly interface. Also, as it is compatible with other forex tools and different types of platforms, it gives traders an opportunity to experiment with their trading approach that most of the time results in great returns.


As far as the trading style is concerned, Forex Fury is a scalper as it places up to 10 trades per day. The best thing about Forex Fury is that you can see it performing live on authentic third-party websites such as Myfxbook.


The installation part is super easy. In fact, a kid with a good internet connection and a system can install it within minutes. Upon purchase, you’ll get access to the same settings the developers use to attain the results. All the track records are 100% verified.


How Does Forex Fury Work?


Forex Fury is best suited for many currency pairs and runs on M15 timeframe. While the team has done every possible effort to conceal the trading strategy from the users, if we closely look at the working, it seems to employ the moving average filter and takes around 7 trades at a time. In addition to that, it is also quite apparent that the product trades just one hour closer to the end of the day.

The EA has an option for the trader to toggle on/off the specific days that the robot should/shouldn’t trade on. Also, the trader can set the value for maximum spread and can even fix the hours of the day the EA should start or end trading. The freedom to select different options gives entire control into the hands of the trader without actually being physically involved in the process.


The suggested take-profit for this robot is 5 pips while the stop limit is 29 which portrays a great win ratio. As the take-profit margin is too close to the entry, the chances of loss are very few. Noticeably, the robot takes around 20% risk employing the suggested parameters.


Verified Trading Results (Myfxbook)

The biggest advantage that persuades many traders to invest in Forex Fury is the verification of their accounts on reliable independent websites like Myfxbook. The best thing is, all the results are clickable, meaning you can click any of the links to check the exact trading history. It’s highly appreciable that how developers have made efforts in demonstrating their Myfxbook performance and that too for both demo and live accounts.


MT4 and MT5 Compatibility

Forex Fury is built to run on MT4 and MT5 (two of the market’s best trading platforms). This compatibility feature lets traders grab maximum profits and reduce risk of loss. Although, Forex Fury works on an aggressive trading strategy, the added features and compatibility aspects make it a low-risk forex EA.


Positive Client Feedback

When it comes to the virtual world, you have to be extremely careful. Especially, if you’re dealing with something that involves circulation of money, you need to do thorough research on your part to curtail the risk. Although, Forex Fury website is convincing enough with great listed features and performance proofs to validate their authenticity, it’s still recommended that you take some time out and review different online forex forums and community spots where professional and expert traders share their opinions and testimonials about any particular product or service. Apart from Forex Fury’s own official website that includes many positive testimonials, there are many third-party review sites where you can find great reviews about this product (as demonstrated in the screenshot below).


Working Coupon Code

At this point, you must have a clear idea about why investing in Forex Fury EA is a great deal. Currently, this product is priced at $229.99 with single account license (Gold). While the robot with 2 account licenses (Diamond) is available at $439.99. The only difference between these two versions is that the Gold license enables 1 live account while with the Diamond version, you can have two live accounts.


Also, there is a working coupon code available for interested buyers that grants 15% discount on purchase of any of the above mentioned products. To avail discount, all you need to do is to type Fury15 on the cart page (before checking out) and you’ll be all set to enjoy a massive 15% discount on your purchase.



In conclusion, Forex Fury is a powerful EA with some great features and benefits. It can be a great option if you’re a budding trader or can also bring in lots of profit-earning opportunities if you’ve been trading for quite some time but unable to give sufficient time to your trading business due to busy schedule or any other full time job.


The team behind Forex Fury looks determined and reliable and they have literally left no stone unturned in providing up-to-the-minute guidance and support to the users. The Forex Fury support team is super responsive too. All in all, this EA is a great solution if you believe in slow and steady yet long-term earnings in the forex industry.



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