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Change the default template on mt4


If you open a new chart on your MT4 , you will see the Default chart which has a black background and Lime-Green candle stick Like that :

You always see that template when you open a new chart. You can change your default template easily.

At first , change your background and colors on your chart as you like.
You can change that by pressing on F8 , then click on colors.
After managing your chart , Save it with that name : Default
Check the pictures :


And give it that name : Default


Try now to open a new chart for any pair , the new chart will open with your new default template.
You can also include any
indicator on your default template.
And that will be easy to find your favorite indicators.

Remember that you can change the default template for the strategy tester too.
But you will have to save a chart with that name : tester


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