Crypto vs. crypto ETF  – What are the differences 

Crypto vs. Crypto ETF  – What are the differences  When an investor begins to trade crypto, there are several factors to consider before investing in crypto versus crypto ETF. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency or asset that a government or bank does not centrally regulate. Cryptocurrencies transactions occur on a decentralized ledger system known as the blockchain, unlike fiat currencies. …

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How to become a US stock trader in Japan broad USstock


What is a stock trader?   A stock trader, otherwise known as a share trader, is an individual who invests money to gain capital by buying and selling shares of publicly held companies. A share represents a unit or fractional part of a company’s equity.   The share value fluctuates according to market forces – if more people buy than …

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Options Theory: How To Day Trade Options

Options Theory: How To Day Trade Options No doubt, trading options is the most trending thing in the stock market these days. But it is considered a tricky procedure or just for experienced investors. With the correct knowledge, almost any investor can attempt options. Options allow for diversification. The benefits can be as massive as the risks. It involves trading …

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FX Trading Beginners’ Guide – How to Use Demo Trading Efficiently

benefit of FX demo trading

FX Trading Beginners’ Guide – How to Use Demo Trading Efficiently Starting to trade in the Forex market comes in hand not just with potential benefits, but also with a lot of challenges each trader will need to overcome. As a result, proper education and preparation should be completed before starting to invest hard-earned money. Trading on a demo account …

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The Difference Between Overlays and Indicators

Technical analysis is the study of historical prices that help a trader forecast future price movements.  There are several different ways to look at historical price movements including evaluating patterns, looking at averages, as well as evaluating studies. When a trader analyzes price movements in forex trading they will occasionally look at overlays and indicators.  What is the Difference Between …

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Analyzing well known brokerage companies opinions of traders

Resigned to the fact that the Internet is not a magic chest that allows you to become a millionaire in a matter of days, most users have stopped viewing it as a source of income. For some, the world wide web has become a great way to have a good time (games, social networks, movies, TV series, etc.), others, with …

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