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If you are a professional forex trader and can provide successful trading signals , will be a great chance for you to make good profits.

You can be a signals provider after some easy steps.
At first , you must register on website as a Seller and set your trading account which you will use to offer your trading signals to traders. You should know that you can create only one signal for one trading account.

As a signals provider , you will have to pass a test period for a month. During the test period , your trading signals are checked for compliance with a number of requirements.

If you pass the period successfully, you will gain access to the entire market of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 users. You will receive direct access to your potential subscribers. Remember that there isn’t  a test period for free signals providers and they can start providing signals with no any tests.


Now I will show you how to become a signals provider :

1- Open an account on from here : Register

2- Open Seller tab from your Profile and register as a Seller. You can do that easily by filling in all data in the registration form.

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* Remember that you must write all your data in English. Should write your first name , last name , place of residence (country, state, city , address) with the postal code and your mobile phone number to contact you easily.

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You should attach a scanned copy of your passport, driving license or identity card (ID). This should be done to identify you and protect against frauds and scams. We keep your data strictly confidential and no worries.
Legal entities should attach a scanned copy of their certificate of registration.

4- After clicking the button, you will receive SMS notification with a code.

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Enter the code in the new window and click “Confirm”.

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 Your application for registration as a Seller will be processed by the Moderator.

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4- After your registration is approved, you will receive the following SMS message «You have been successfully approved as Seller on» and the following personal message on «Seller’s Profile: your application for registration as a seller has been confirmed».

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5- Now you can open Signals page and click “Create your own signal”.

6- Fill in the form specifying basic information about the new signal in the new window (signal and broker names, subscription fee, your trading account’s login and investor password). All data on your signal should be in English.

The subscription price is set per one month. Users can subscribe to your signals for a month or for a week. In the second case, the cost of subscription is set equal to one fourth of the month.

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After finishing these steps , you will have to pass the test period which is one month.  To complete it successfully, you should perform at least 5 trades within a specified period without your trading account’s drawdown exceeding 70%. If your signal complies with these conditions successfully during the test period, it will become available for subscription.

Remember that the entire trading history is requested from your own trading account, at which trading operations are to be tracked, in case a new signal is successfully created. The requested information will be used to display statistical data to all visitors of the Signals service.
Everything is quite simple as you see. Register as a Seller, send your identification details, offer your signal for subscription and pass the test period. When all is done, you will become a Signals Provider. Lots of traders using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 will be able to subscribe to your signal.

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