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Auto fibo phenomenon indicator


Auto fibo phenomenon indicator 



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Important: There are many different Fibonacci indicators which can be found on the web, but they are all hard to understand and use.
All them only draws common Fibonacci levels. In addition, it is still very unclear for many traders what Fibonacci retracement, r1, r2 and other levels are. The main idea of this software is to take away the decision making process associated with complex Fibonacci principles and allow you to make guided profitable trades.
Our software will print BUY SELL arrows, popup and email alerts – everything you need to take advantage of Fibonacci system in automatic way! AFP is a combination of multiple advanced indicators – ALL in one: Fibonacci levels + laser accurate trend indicator + + trades commentator. This software will give you the power of a professional trader and allow you to magically trade based on Fibonacci levels without learning complicated Fibo courses and books.
“Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon” is LIKE YOU HAVE A FRIEND –
PROFESSIONAL TRADER, who recommends to you when to trade and how to trade! Isn’t this every trader’s dream?
The hit rate of the indicator is about 75-85% in most currencies, and higher in the currency pairs recommended in the next chapters.

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Rina Davis from UK ( forex winners ) sent us this indicator. 


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