Adx Mastery Complete Course

Adx Mastery Complete Course Webinar DVD by Ken Calhoun

 Adx Mastery Complete Course Webinar DVD by Ken Calhoun

It’s the Only “Lagging Indicator” That Tells Me What To Trade…AHEAD of Time!

That’s right…I’ve found that when the ADX indicator breaks over certain signal levels, breakouts often continue and provide potentially profitable trading setups you can use over and over again. The signals are slightly different for stocks versus forex, and you’ll learn both parameters in the video, plus how to trade with the “day after” technique….

I put my own real money on the line every week with real trades — and I’ve tested out my techniques for using the ADX as a leading indicator extensively, for many years. Now I’ve finally gotten it down to the point where I feel comfortable releasing this new trading system DVD (plus webinar) to show you exactly how I use this powerful indicator in many of my own trades (and how you can, too).

Fact: I’m a UCLA grad (class of ’86) and was a former corporate statistician and quality engineer for a major automotive company. I know numbers, and use indicators routinely in my trades. But most of the lagging indicators like MACD, RSI and stochastics simply aren’t consistent enough for stock trading (they give too many false positive signals); and while they’re somewhat useful for forex trading, the ADX takes it to a whole new level. One you’ve simply got to see for yourself to understand. And ADX Mastery makes it happen.


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