Fxatrade scam
Fxatrade scam

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Hello , Forex Winners !

After reciving many messages about Fx Agency 2 which we have shared here , I had to inform everyone somethings about Fxatrade.com which produced that system.

Fxatrade produced many systems and we have already shared all of them.
The systems are :
1- Dream Signal V3
2- FX-Agency Advisor 2 ( stoped working )
3- FX-Agency Advisor 3

Right now you can try Dream signal and Fx Agancy 3. they are too expensive and don’t worth money.
FX-Agency Advisor 2 was working weel with our code , but the system stoped working after oneday from puplshing it on forexwinners.net , the producer controled that from the dll file which attached with the system.

Anyway , let’s check something funny about the produsers which are cheeting to buy their system. On this page : Arshive or copy { fxatradefxa.click2sell.eu } you can find something called LATEST TESTIMONIALS at the end of the page.
They are using fake names and pictures to write some nice words about their product.
Let’s check the pictures :


The first picture is for someone called Greg McCoy and you can find his pictures here

Forex Winners


The second picture is more funny , and it is for someone called Allan Wong and you can find his picture  Here.

Forex Winners


the third picture is for someone called Dr. Vikram Kapila and you can find him here.
He is an engineer not a forex trader !

Forex Winners

For sure they will delete all these pictures from their website but you can find them forever on the Arshive.
Anyway , testing their available systems is enough to know if they are scam or no.
I have written that article to prove that they are cheating. Please no one ask for their systems again !


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