forex strategy Ash FXV2

forex strategy Ash FXV2


This system is simple, easy, & profitable for forex and binary options .
AshFX V2 uses the following indicators:
Parabolic SAR (0.05, 0.2)
– AC (Accelerator Oscillator)
– AO (Awesome Oscillator)
– Stochastics (5,3,3)
Take the attached template and apply it in Metatrader.
The system is suited for the Daily System, but it can also be used on H4, and on any currency pair. 

When the first PSAR dot appears above the candle, AND stochastic is crossing down but is not
oversold (i.e. not below the 20 line), AND the AC is red, AND the AO is red, AND candle is red (bearish candle). Only enter once the candle has fully closed.

When the first PSAR dot appears below the candle, AND stochastic is crossing up but is not
overbought (i.e. not above the 80 line), AND the AC is green, AND the AO is green, AND candle is green (bullish candle). Only enter once the candle has fully closed.

Initial Stop Loss is at the swing high for short trades, and swing low for long trades.
If the day, or any consequent day, has closed in your direction (i.e. you’re in profit at the end of any given day), then close half your position & move SL to break even. Close the other half once either the AO or PSAR turns the opposite colour/direction. Only exit at the candle close.

Final Points :
Please bear in mind, it doesn’t matter in which order the indicators line up, just as long as the rules mentioned above are adhered to.
Also, (and this goes without saying), it’s important to pay attention to key Support Resistance levels, in addition to price action.


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