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Forex Profit Fusion system from Forex Secret Protocol


By Toshko Raychev

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Forex Profit Fusion is a medium complexity approach and would suite those who love to tinker with
indicators and like to have a lot of information on their charts. It also uses trailing stops and the take
profit levels are more dynamic and is very much in tune with what is going on in the market at any
particular time. This is a great system for intermediate to advanced traders because it is more
complicated and takes a bit of practice to master. That being said, every trader would benefit from this
approach to trading and can be considered a more complete approach as we can trade reversals along
with regular and hidden divergence. It is even well developed for a bit of scalping when searching for

Indicators :
Bollinger Bands

5 period Smoothed Moving Average set to High
a. Red
5 Period Smoothed Moving Average set to Low
a. Blue
Fibonacci Pivots THV

21 period CCI
a. Light Sea Green
b. Thickness of 2
20 Period Bollinger Bands
a. Shift: 0
b. Deviations: 2
c. Yellow
d. Apply to First Indicator’s Data
5 Period Smoothed Moving Average
a. Red
b. Thickness of 2
c. Apply to First Indicator’s Data

a. Value Up: Green
b. Value Down: Red



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Mr Alip Rindra from Indonesia (  ) sent us that system.

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